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    Wish you could go on that dream vacation to a far off destination but you feel you just can spend the hard cash at this time? Or maybe you just need a weekend get-away to escape the normal stresses of your day to day business. Did you know you can use your Badger Barter trade credits and barter bucks to reserve your trip today?

    Badger Barter is connected to many more businesses outside Madison, Wisconsin Metro Area, and can direct you to a number of resources that accept barter for financial transaction payment in securing travel accommodations.

    Check out our current Badger Barter Travel Destinations. Already have a place in mind? Take a look at one of our region-specific maps:

Booking with Badger Barter

The Badger Barter Travel Department looks forward to helping you plan a fantastic family vacation, a business trip or your special occasion getaway.

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