Line of Credit

Increase Your Buying Power

Are you a new business and in need of start-up capital for things such as marketing tools, signage, and advertising? Or maybe you are an established business looking to expand your marketing efforts and/or your operations. We may just have the answer you’re looking for. Badger Barter now offers businesses (whom qualify) for an “INTEREST FREE” line of credit. That’s right, we can authorize a line of credit for your business use to purchase the things you need to get your business started right; a line of credit using barter bucks that are accepted at over 600 different businesses within the Badger Barter community.

We are entrepreneurs too, so we have heard the story before. You have applied to the local banks and they all have either said no, or insist you participate in their very long application and approval process. Such application processes require an application fee which can cost hundreds of dollars you may not have. Maybe you asked a friend or loved one for a short term loan and you just can’t seem to get a commitment from them. Some of you have checked out borrowing money from a company that provides a cash advance against your future receivables, however when you read the fine print, you discover that the interest is upwards of 25% or more for this sort of short term lending. Some of you have even turned to your credit cards to secure your business needs, however you found that they come with high interest and fees. Badger Barter offers you Badger Barter Line of Credit-INTEREST FREE!

Badger Barter Line of Credit approval process is simple, and there are no up -front fees associated with applying. Simply request an interview and application from a Badger Barter Business Consultant, and we will hear out your individual situation. Getting approved is a snap; there are no long waits, no lengthy paper applications, there is no corporate ladder to climb, and no interest or fees! The decision begins and ends with the Management of Badger Barter.

Yes, you can utilize Badger Barter Line of Credit to secure the things your business needs today! This is just one of the many exclusive benefits of joining Badger Barter. Call now to speak with a Badger Barter Business Consultant for more details about Badger Barter Line of Credit

(Final Terms and conditions may apply. Not every business or professional is approved. Badger Barter is not a financial lending institution and cannot lend hard money.)