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Badger Barter provides you with innovative tools that allow for you to grow your business, whether you are a small business, an online, business, or a company that is business to business sales based; Badger Barter trade bartering system should be a part of your business growth strategies; allowing you to save your cash for other growth needs.

Badger Barter extends a line of credit to each business (that qualifies) for barter bucks/trade credits, so that you can reserve your cash for other business needs not available within the network. Badger Barter gives your business more buying power, and opens up an entire network of commerce you may have never considered, affording you the opportunity to outreach to a community of business and professionals loyal to hiring merchants within our barter system.

Badger Barter is a simple yet professional platform, providing you with a host of business support, business to business matchmaking sales opportunities, and access to a large business client base. Badger Barter is accepted by hundreds of businesses in and around the Madison, Wisconsin Regional Metro Area and beyond. Don’t miss out on this great chance to increase your business’s sales flow, while obtaining your business’s needs.

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