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Badger Barter is a vast network of businesses that utilize the platform of barter, a type of trading, for goods and services; an alternative to traditional currency exchange when using cash to make purchases. Badger Barter is designed to help grow your business, by helping you conserve your cash for other business growth needs; while offering a credit system where you can purchase business needs, vital to sustain business operations.

By trading, or “bartering” between a host of businesses within the organization, a business can virtually get started and secure needs such as advertising and marketing collateral, construction services for renovating their storefront location, and other services helpful for expanding your business’s reach.

Businesses have found that barter has helped them gain access to new clientele in both professional business to business situations and increase their retail customer flow. By offering alternatives to cash, businesses can still conduct commerce and have their business growth needs met. Badger Barter has over 600 registered businesses within its directory which utilize and rely on barter as a part of its daily business practice.

This form of currency is a great way to trade services and products, reserving your cash for other purposes. Unlike other barter sites, Badger Barter offers “barter bucks” or trade credits that can be spent with any business within the Badger Barter network, thus not limiting you to just having to conduct a barter trade between only businesses whom patron your company.

If there are services and/or products you demand within the Badger Barter community, our staff is standing by to help you connect you with your needs. Can’t find something within the community of Badger Barter that you desire? Let us know so we can connect those new businesses into our community. We will work hard to get you what you need and generate new business for you. At Badger Barter we care about your success.

Mary Jo Mangan of Badger Barter says, “Badger Barter is not about building a directory, its about building businesses.”

“Badger Barter is relationship and referral based. We are not here to push subscriptions or access to lists; we are here to help grow one’ another’s business.”

“Badger Barter has grown significantly due to word of mouth advertising. Businesses within the community which use and accept Badger Barter have expressed to their fellow colleagues the benefits of using barter to grow their business base,” continued Mangan.

Reach out to Badger Barter today; find out how you can join Badger Barter and have them help you grow your business reach new customers, connect with other business professionals, and get your business needs fulfilled without spending hard cash.

Badger Barter is located in the heart of the historic community of Sun Prairie, Wisconsin; with offices at 1500 W. Main Street, Suite 303, Sun Prairie, WI 53590.

Badger Barter can be reached Mon-Fri; from 9am to 5pm; by calling 608-837-0525.

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Booking with Badger Barter

The Badger Barter Travel Department looks forward to helping you plan a fantastic family vacation, an efficient business trip or your special occasion getaways. On average, we book 60% of the requests that we receive.


Barter Types

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  • Acupuncture
    Advertising Opportunities
    Animal Sitting/Dog Walker
    Art Work
    Asphalt & Paving/Patching
    Assisted Living Facility

  • Auto and Truck Supplies
    Auto Repair
    Awards and Recognition
    Accounting and Tax Services
    Administrative Assistance
    Alarm Systems
  • Appliance Repair
    Art Display
    Asbestos-Materials & Supplies
    Auto Detailing
    Awnings & Upholstery
  • Bakery
    Bakery – Specialty
    Ballroom Apparel
    Bar & Lounge
    Bed & Breakfast

  • Bicycle Repair
    Bicycle Sales
    Body Care Products
    Brewing Company
    Bridal/Wedding Gowns
  • Brochure Design
    Bus Service
    Business Card Design
    Business Coaching
  • Calendar Advertising
    Camera Surveillance
    Candy and Confectionary-Retail
    Car Audio
    Car Wash
    Carpet Cleaners
    Carpet Repair

  • Children’s Services
    Chimney Cleaners
    Cleaning Products
    Coffee Shop
    Computer Consulting and Service
    Computer Repair
  • Contractors-General
    Cosmetic Laser Services
    Counter top resurfacing
    Credit Card Machines
    Credit Card Processing
    Custom Framing
  • Dance Apparel
    Dance Studio
    Day Care
    Decorative Asphalt

  • Diaper Service
    Digital Advertising
    Digital Menu Boards
    Digital Signage
    Disc Jockey
    Dog Training
  • Dog/Cat Boarding
    Doggy Daycare
    Drain Cleaning
    Dry Wall
    Dryer Vent Cleaning
    Duct Cleaning
  • Educational Services
    Electrolysis/Hair Removal
    Email Marketing

  • Energy Lighting and Fans
    Energy Work
  • Entertainment Concierge
    Entertainment Venues
    Entertainment Venues Fireworks
    Event Planner
  • Fashion Consultant
    Faux Painting/Murals
    Fence Company

  • Fireworks Display
    Fitness Training
    Floor Cleaning
  • Florist
    Fur Cleaning & Repairs
  • Garage/Organization
    Gift Baskets
    Golf Courses & Tours
    Graphic & Website Design

  • Graphic Design
    Graphic Designer
    Grease Trap Service
    Group Fitness
  • Gutter Cleaning
    Gymnastic Apparel
  • Health and Wellness
    Health Club
    Health Food
    Healthcare Equipment

  • Heating and Air-Conditioning
    Horse Riding
  • Human Resource
  • Identity Theft Protection

  • Interior Designs and Furnishings
  • Jewelry

  • Karaoke

  • Landscape Design
    Laser Tag
    Laser Therapy
  • Lawn Maintenance
    Lead Removal
    Leather & Fur Goods
  • Leather Cleaning & Repairs
    Legal Services
    Limousine Service
  • Marketing
    Marketing Consultant
    Mason Contractor
    Mechanical Insulation
  • Merchant Services
    Mobile Apps
    Mobile Website
    Mold Removal
  • Movers
    Music Lessons
    Music Venue
  • Nail Salon
    Natural Foods
    Non Profit

  • Naturopath/yoga
    Nutritional Consulatation

  • Online Training
  • Over-Sized Windows and Doors

  • Pain Relief
    Pain Relief and Realignment
    Painting Contractors
    Parenting Classes
    Party & Special Occasion
    Party Dresses
    Party Host
    Payment Systems
    Permanent Makeup

  • Personal Hygiene
    Personal Training
    Pest Control
    Pet Grooming
    Photo Booths
    Photo Montage/Slide Shows
    Photo Restoration
    Physical Therapy

  • Pools and Supplies
    POS Systems
    Pressure Washing
    Printer Repair, Toner & Supplies
    Professional Organizer
    Prom Dresses
    Promotional Items
    Property Management

  • Radio Advertising
    Real Estate Agents & Brokers
    Refrigeration Repair
  • Rental Company
  • Restoration
    Roof Cleaning
    Roofing, Siding, Windows & Gutters
  • Salon & Spa
    Satellite TV
    Screen Printing
    Search Engine Optimization
    Security Systems
    Senior Care Services
    Senior Home Care

  • Shipping Services
    Signs & Banners
    Skating Apparel
    Small Engine Repair
    Snow Removal
    Social Media
    Special Occasions
  • Specialty Lighting/UpLighting
    Spices and Gifts
    Sporting Goods & Attire
    Sports Medicine & Athletic Training
    Storage Units
  • Tanning
    Tap & Ballroom Shoes
    Tap Line Cleaner
    Tape/Film/Photo/Slide Transfer
    Tattoo Artist
    Tattoo Removal

  • Taxidermy
    Technology Consulting
    Tile & Grout Cleaning
    Tile Cleaning
    Tile Installation
  • Trade Exchange, Barter, Trade
    Tradeshow Booth Design
    Tree Service
  • Uniforms

  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Upholstery Repair
  • Vacation Rentals
    Vehicle Graphics & Wraps
    Vehicle Wraps

  • Veterinary
    Video Production
    Vinegar and Oils
  • Virtual Assistance
  • Wall Paper Removal
    Wardrobe Stylist
    Website Design

  • Wedding Cakes
    Wedding Event Planners
    Wedding Venue
    Weight Loss Specialists
  • Window Washer
    Wine Studio

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  • Monthly Dues $9 cash & $9 trade
  • Service Fees 6% on all transactions

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What Really Is Money?

Written by, Samuel K. Burlum, Investigative Reporter
and author of The Green Lane, a syndicated column
Published on 6/06/16, a SamBurlum.com Exclusive

Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote, “Money is not the true currency; it is nothing more than a translation of one’s value it has offered another. Once the steward of said value realizes that money is nothing but a measuring stick in which all value is exchanged, men will no longer stride to make money, the will strive to create the value that is behind it.”

Money is nothing than an instrument

When most people view money, they see a paper currency that we exchange our skill set, and/or, products and/or services in return for a piece of paper that has a dollar value assigned to it. We view Money as the sign of wealth and the instrument in which all wealth and value is measured. Yet for the most Americans, as hard as the working class and small business owners’ work, money seems to be the one thing that is most hard to come by in their lives.

Money is nothing than an instrument in which we calculate the value of one’s time, energy, knowledge, labor, or production when it is offered to an audience in the market place for consumption by others. So why do we put so much emphasis on paper cash? Well that is simple; because today’s financial and economic system is ruled by the banking industry, which has standardized the measurement of money for their convenience and domination. Whenever money is saved, spent, borrowed, housed, banks profit from money coming in, and going out of their financial institutions.

However more individuals and small businesses are finding other ways to conduct commerce and avoid the banking system all together. Transactions conducted by way and means of crypto currency and barter are on the rise. These methods of payment for goods and services are outside the traditional banking system, and offer more direct control over one’s own value of their offerings to their clients.
Though cash maybe still king, with the majority of individuals and businesses still prefer cash as the primary method of payment for their goods and services; alternatives are edging into store fronts of Main Street. In Madison, Wisconsin, over 600 businesses accept and use a trade credit platform known as Badger Barter.

Today, money is nothing more than a faith based measurement of one’s value proposition to another. Businesses and their proprietors use money to get the things in their life that they need and desire. So what if they had other methods of exchange to obtain these items that would give them even more buying power over their purchases? Would it not matter then if it was cash, barter, debit, credit, crypto currency, and other forms of value measurements, as long as the end result was the same?

No one is thinking outside the box more than the Millennia and Z generation. Growing up in a technology world, where every application to conduct daily business is at the touch of a screen, younger consumers and entrepreneurs are trending toward using electronic forms of payment more than ever before. E-wallets and automatic bank deposit and automated bill pay are eliminating the dependency on hard cash.

While consumers think of price when evaluating the worthiness of a product or service; producers think of profit in the terms of value creation. In a world where most average consumers are addicted to roll back prices; business owners need to explore every option available that will help them retain the value they create. Both crypto currency and barter offer viable alternatives.

Barter offers the better of both worlds since each party within the purchase sale negotiation have even buying power, and an equal opportunity to express their viewpoint on the exact value they create. Barter platforms either in large networks of businesses or in a local exchange with your neighbor can lead to a more direct path to ownership in real time than the use of paper money. Paper money still has a moderator, a banking system, which profits from your value exchange, whether you are trying to save the money or spend the money. Banks have transitioned from a lending institution to a fee based business model, profiting every time you engage in a purchase using your debit card.

So if you think of what the real money is, what the absolute currency and commodity is, it is the very product and/or service you offer. Once you realize that as long as you create value with your offerings, you can gather all the things you need and want via equal or greater value exchange, and paper money is just one delivery tool in getting there.



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B2B Benefits of Barter

Written by, Samuel K. Burlum, Investigative Reporter
and author of The Green Lane, a syndicated column
Published on 6/06/16, a SamBurlum.com Exclusive

Small businesses life blood relies on cash flow in order to support its needs and make a profit for its owner. Not all businesses are so lucky to have constant clientele to provide ongoing patronage that will allow for a business to experience growth or advancement. Today’s risky economic climate has curbed many banks from funding small ventures due to the extremely high amount of potential risk of a business defaulting on their loan. Business owners must rely on other avenues of funding their business while conserving their cash for rent, utilities, inventory, and payroll.

Businesses can enjoy the many benefits in bartering with one another, when addressing growth solutions for that business. Businesses can target needs in the areas of marketing, site renovation, advertising, meals and entertainment for events, and other critical professional services using barter. Cash conservation seems to be at the top of the mind awareness however there are several other benefits to having a business to business barter relationship.

“Badger Barter has worked very well for my business. I have found dozens of customers that I would not have if I did not try this.There have been a number of times where cash flow has been tight and Badger Barter has come to save the day! Marketing opportunities, printing help, and great food choices to name a few. Thanks Badger Barter!!” ~Tim O'Brien, Owner, Apple Wellness

Post feature image why you should barter

Barter Purchases Are Tax Deductible

Barter income is treated just the same as any cash income, and barter can be used as a marketing tool. Most barter platforms, like Badger Barter, will provide for you at the end of the year a 1099B, which will reflect all the sales you have made using the barter system. Barter purchases which are tax deductible when using cash to make that purchase, are also tax deductible when purchased using trade credits.

When a business signs up for a barter system, they are usually interviewed by a Trade Consultant, whom helps you review all of your spending habits and your future sales projections to see which other businesses would be the right trade partners in the barter system. Even larger companies have begun to adopt bartering. It is estimated that over 65% of Fortune 500 companies engage in barter in one degree or another. Some barter platforms even allow you to apply for a line of credit, so your business has an opportunity to get the things it needs before it opens its doors to the public.

Business to business barter allows for each business to build a strong trust and long term relationship with one another. This new brand loyalty comes from a place where both parties mutually respect each other’s products/services, and understand how to properly engage in the barter platform. Both businesses are trying to reserve their cash, yet they are both willing to borne services that help each other grow. Business to Business Barter builds something that most cash exchanges can’t, and that comradery.

In an environment where it seems there is a cash register on every corner, businesses which offer barter and trade, can outlast businesses that offer the urgent “sale.” People who practice commerce with barter understand the importance and value brand loyalty, and would rather work with a fellow business that accepts barter, than one that is only about the hard cash in the till.
Businesses that offer barter often can have a habit of referring other businesses to the same client. Barter alliances are made when a client of one service is looking for another niche service provided by a similar type business. This usually happens under normal circumstances between attorneys that practice different areas of law; or physicians that recommend their patients to a specialist, but with barter something else takes place.
Businesses begin to work together to keep the wealth within the community, rather than see the potential customer head outside the network. The dog-eat-dog competition that occurs has a tendency to slightly simmer, knowing that all of the businesses within the barter network all have similar objectives. So businesses begin to work together in preserving cash assets; and begin to realize the true value of each other’s expertise when barter is in play.
Most barter platforms do limit the number of businesses within a specific category, to prevent “stacking” so businesses within the barter system have an opportunity to flourish. These exchanges are promoting their barter members, since participation is not always free. Barter trade platforms do charge a small fee for the services they provide, which sometimes can be paid with the barter credit itself. Usually these fees are minimal and are aimed at providing a support staff that is there to keep the barter network full of viable barter choices.

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  • “I use Badger Barter to satisfy both personal and professional needs and they always come through with flying colors.  I manage over 30 people and we have over 2000 clients that work with us and BB is always there to fill our needs.  Whether it be weekend getaways or client gifts, BB is always my first call.” ~Joe Daguanno, Mid-West Family Marketing
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Frequently Asked Questions

Select the Question to Reveal the Answer

If your specific question is not answered here please contact us directly and we will answer your question as quickly as possible.

Barter income is treated the same as cash income. There are no tax advantages or disadvantages to bartering. Trading should be considered a marketing tool, not a tax tool. Badger Barter provides your company with a 1099B at the end of the year for all of the sales you have consummated on our network. Cash purchases that are normally tax deductible as business expenses are also tax deductible when purchased on trade.
Barter produces new business – allowing you to expand your market and maintain your cash-paying customers. Barter conserves cash. For example, if you owned a hotel that had ten vacant rooms at $100/night and you need a new copy machine priced at $1,000. Barter provides a way in which you can buy your copier, fill your rooms (at your cost on the rooms) and maintain your cash. The same is true for filling empty tables for a restaurant, moving inventory for retailers and manufacturers or increasing billable hours for service business. Barter provides a competitive edge. Barter clients are new clients that bypass competing businesses to do business at your establishment while you are maintaining your existing cash clients.
A trade exchange eliminates the restrictions of one-on-one trading where each business must want what the other has to offer. A BB Trade Consultant works with you to bring your company new sales, increased market share and to minimize cash outlay for everyday business expenses. Clients of an exchange use trade dollars, instead of cash, to handle their transactions.

An exchange acts as a third party record keeper, providing monthly statements to clients, which reflects all trade purchases, sales, and a current trade dollar balance.

Globally, over 470,000 businesses are involved in Barter. It is estimated that 65% of Fortune 500 companies engage in barter to one degree or another. Locally we have 400 businesses and growing fast.
There is a one-time membership investment to establish your business account of 129.00. Transaction and modest monthly fees cover accounting, marketing, promotions and member services.
Every member business is assigned a Trade Consultant in our office. They do a complete spending analysis with you on your current purchasing as well as projections for your business in the future. You can spend your trade in many of the same ways you spend your cash. If your products or services are in high demand, we are happy to call you first and tell you who is looking to purchase from you and what their needs are. This way you can decide if you can handle more business and know ahead of time what the job entails.
Just like a bank, we encourage businesses to apply for a barter line of credit. If you qualify, you can begin purchasing immediately.
Prices quoted to barter clients are the same as prices quoted to cash paying customers. Business owners are educated shoppers. Barter is simply a mode of payment – just like a credit card or cash.
Trade exchanges participate in worldwide reciprocal trade relationships with other exchanges offering a multitude of additional barter opportunities. We fulfill our members’ travel requests via our vast Global Network. We also help businesses looking to open new markets by using the distribution channels available nationwide. In turn, we receive products from across the Nation that are made available to our local membership.



  • Will Barter Work for You?
    Written by, Samuel K. Burlum, Investigative Reporter and author of The Green Lane, a syndicated column Published on 6/06/16, a SamBurlum.com Exclusive Are you a local or regional business looking for a competitive edge? Or maybe you are a business located on Main Street that has a limited budget set aside for marketing your business […]

  • B2B Benefits of Barter
    Written by, Samuel K. Burlum, Investigative Reporter and author of The Green Lane, a syndicated column Published on 6/06/16, a SamBurlum.com Exclusive Small businesses life blood relies on cash flow in order to support its needs and make a profit for its owner. Not all businesses are so lucky to have constant clientele to provide […]

  • what-really-is-money

    What Really Is Money?
    Written by, Samuel K. Burlum, Investigative Reporter and author of The Green Lane, a syndicated column Published on 6/06/16, a SamBurlum.com Exclusive Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote, “Money is not the true currency; it is nothing more than a translation of one’s value it has offered another. Once the steward of said value realizes that […]

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