About Badger Barter

Badger Barter is a vast network of businesses that utilize the platform of barter, a type of trading, for goods and services; an alternative to traditional currency exchange when using cash to make purchases. Badger Barter is designed to help grow your business, by helping you conserve your cash for other business growth needs; while offering a credit system where you can purchase business needs, vital to sustain business operations.

By trading, or “bartering” between a host of businesses within the organization, a business can virtually get started and secure needs such as advertising and marketing collateral, construction services for renovating their storefront location, and other services helpful for expanding your business’s reach.

Businesses have found that barter has helped them gain access to new clientele in both professional business to business situations and increase their retail customer flow. By offering alternatives to cash, businesses can still conduct commerce and have their business growth needs met. Badger Barter has over 600 registered businesses within its directory which utilize and rely on barter as a part of its daily business practice.

This form of currency is a great way to trade services and products, reserving your cash for other purposes. Unlike other barter sites, Badger Barter offers “barter bucks” or trade credits that can be spent with any business within the Badger Barter network, thus not limiting you to just having to conduct a barter trade between only businesses whom patron your company.

If there are services and/or products you demand within the Badger Barter community, our staff is standing by to help you connect you with your needs. Can’t find something within the community of Badger Barter that you desire? Let us know so we can connect those new businesses into our community. We will work hard to get you what you need and generate new business for you. At Badger Barter we care about your success.

Mary Jo Mangan of Badger Barter says, “Badger Barter is not about building a directory, its about building businesses.”

“Badger Barter is relationship and referral based. We are not here to push subscriptions or access to lists; we are here to help grow one’ another’s business.”

“Badger Barter has grown significantly due to word of mouth advertising. Businesses within the community which use and accept Badger Barter have expressed to their fellow colleagues the benefits of using barter to grow their business base,” continued Mangan.

Reach out to Badger Barter today; find out how you can join Badger Barter and have them help you grow your business reach new customers, connect with other business professionals, and get your business needs fulfilled without spending hard cash.

Badger Barter is located in the heart of the historic community of Sun Prairie, Wisconsin; with offices at 1500 W. Main Street, Suite 303, Sun Prairie, WI 53590.

Badger Barter can be reached Mon-Fri; from 9am to 5pm; by calling 608-837-0525.

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